Our daily ingredients:  Science - Art - Communication

Market Consultancy

The society changes, and so the market becomes more disruptive. SAC has been experiencing itself. Starting from being agency, to early player of digital marketing, then as creative industry enabler. We are also one of the first digital incubator that provides consultancy up until today. These are the manifesto of how our people adore changes and got the expertise to be your partner in facing the dynamic markets.

Big Data and Insight Analytics

Supported by baselining data from Lokadata, market trends from 6Estates, products of GDP Labs, computer vision and smart system of Qlue, and big-behavioral insight from our sister e-commerce companies, we serve consultancy through relevant data for clients.

Digital-Culture Transformation

Armed by state-of-the-art tools such as deep learning AI, Smart Computer Vision, Chat-Bot, Natural Language Processor to holistic IoT platform, we added human sense for context to build digital culture. Digital presence is there to complete civilizations, and we prepare our clients to be agile by taking proper position, in order to create business efficiency, more adaptive work-flow or even smart-city incubation.


From harnessing big data, doing market intelligence and preparing bold strategies of entering market. We are partnering you to execute branding, creative advertising, marketing and communication strategy. Meet our brainstormer for Social-Cause campaign to SDG’s actualization along with communities handling, digital media and social media assets that are objective-driven to digital reputation and crisis handling.