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As the Legislative Election’s approaching April 17, 2019, unknown faces of the legislative candidates' posters still filled every corner of the city without the public knowing who they are.

It then made the public, especially the millennials, trapped in turmoil of either participating in the election or simply pursuing the act of abstentions.

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Millenials Participate in General Election


General Election

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Young Voters


Absence Voters

In the 2014 General Election itself, young voters showed slight interest in participating the election. Fast-forward years later to 2019 General Election, there is still no sign of improvement. Millennials still show sign of apathetic behavior towards the legislative election. Their impassivity towards politics is based on the fact that they know nothing about the candidates profile.

Well, we have to admit though...

The condition itself is rather dilemmatic, even for adult voters. Let's put it this way,

"You want to choose but you don't know which ones are qualified. But if you don't choose, you might give free tickets for corrupt candidates to take over the office."

And that's where the problem is! If young voters refuse to participate in the elections, their voting rights will simply be wasted. Can you imagine how many corrupt politicians will take over the office, simply because you choose to remain abstain?


So, how can we encourage
millennials to participate in the
2019 Legislative Elections?

In collaboration with Teman Rakyat, we initiate #UnboxingCaleg (Unboxing the Legislative Candidates) as an attempt to review different candidates at TemanRakyat.id, so the millennials can get a clear overview about who they are about to choose.

Similar like any unboxing contents on YouTube or online media, this unique approach grants Millennials honest testimony through amateurish and non- journalistic review about a product before buying it. In other words, we prevent you from buying "a rat inside a sack".

But wait a minute! Are we even allowed to review Legislative Canditates? Shouldn’t we ask their permission first?

Well, if you just bought a new smartphone and you decided to do an unboxing video about it, are you going to bother asking permission from the brand? Of course not! And that is the point of #UnboxingCaleg.

list caleg 2019

All right, let’s continue! To further ignite the spirit of #UnboxingCaleg, we create a video showing that a candidate can easily be ridden for the interest of a certain group of people, which is the main reason on why we must be very careful of not choosing them.

But that's only the beginning! As we embraced the sequel technique in filmmaking, we decide to produce more videos to further elevate the campaign. And what is the ultimate ingredient to produce a sequel?

Well, the answer is “Depth”.

With these sequels, we aim to deepen audience relationship with the #UnboxingCaleg issue by becoming "The Ultimate Dank Memes Lord". What is a "Dank Memes" anyway? Well, if you are brave enough to venture into the deepest meme forum on Facebook, you'll eventually encounter various excessively and nonsensical viral videos that combine comedy and prank. And Millennials love them!

So, let’s use that formula to inject political communication that related to the 2019 Legislative Election!

From the past few months, there’s been a massive trend of prank videos in Instagram. It exhibits some people stare at a random window car during a traffic jam and comb their hair as if they are looking at a mirror. This type of prank is ridiculously viral and leads other random people to recreate the same thing. So, we do the same thing! One of our videos show a legislative candidate staring at someone's car. But as the car window slid down, it is revealed that the candidate was an ex-corruptor.

The decision of using an amateurish approach is to provides different content perspectives from the usual well-polished commercial that we used to consume. Surprisingly, this amateurish approach proved to be successful as it is psychologically more relatable to target audience themselves. The audiences responded the video well since we incorporate the nonsensical yet viral videos in Instagram.

IG Video
IG Video
IG Video
IG Video
And the result is even more impressive!


























Oh wow! We managed to grab the netizens' attention!
As a result, we were invited by several TV stations to talk even more about #UnboxingCaleg! Mom, look! I'm on TV!!

As people start to acknowledge about #UnboxingCaleg, they start visiting TemanRakyat.id to read the candidates' review. Just like any unboxing review, we stripped them all naked without mercy, either form their personal branding, vision, and program.

As we are happy with the reaction of #UnboxingCaleg, our job is not done! After the candidates were finally elected, Teman Rakyat with its wider community will continue their watch through #StalkingDPR for the next 5 years!

featured on media
asset 1

As people start to acknowledge about #UnboxingCaleg, they start visiting TemanRakyat.id to read the candidates' review. Just like any unboxing review, we strip them all naked without mercy, from their personal branding, vision, to their political program.

Did the reader love it? Certainly! They love it so much that they begin to request specific review about candidates within their electorial district.

dm 1
dm 2
dm 1
dm 2

Awesome! We truly grab their enthusiasm. But let’s be honest! If we decided to review every single candidate in each electorial district, we will probably end-up in the hospital, haha!

Therefore, we decided to inject another campaign #KamuJahat (You’re So Mean) #KitaPutus (It’s Over Between Us), jokingly complaining to the reader about our 24 hours work a day, which indirectly affect both our daily and romantic life. Our girlfriends dumped us! Can you imagine how miserable we are??

Kita Putus
Kita Putus

Jokes aside, we were actually asking the reader to contribute by sending us their own version of #UnboxingCaleg review curated by TemanRakyat.id. And that’s where the great thing started! #UnboxingCaleg has transformed from a hub of content provider into a society movement who voice the importance of participating the 2019 Legislatives Election. Not only we influenced the raise of #UnboxingCaleg user generated content, but we also leave a spirit legacy where TemanRakyat.id has branch out into a sub-community within various region in Indonesia.

Although we are happy with the reaction of #UnboxingCaleg, our job is not done yet!

After the candidates were finally elected, Teman Rakyat with its wider community will continue the watch through #StalkingDPR for the next 5 years!

Let's see if these candidates live up to their promises.